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Cellular Signal was born from an idea: that the mobile revolution has turned the 2010s into the new 1980s, when computer systems were coming on the market and into the public consciousness for the first time. The similarity between the two eras is striking, and perhaps one reason why the music and culture of the '80s is still so popular. But instead of simply trying to recreate the time period of Gen-X, Cellular Signal wants to take what made '80s music so good and put that level of creativity and innovation back into a new era of music for the next decade. Start with the basics and then run with It from there. That's why Cellular Signal uses a name that is definitively 2010s. Years or even decades from now, Cellular Signal will be thought of as a product of this time period, not simply a nostalgia gimmick.

Shayne White has been a musician since the age of four, starting out with a Commodore 128 and a cassette recorder he used to record his own music. Growing up, he studied music under the world-famous harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton and started his career at only eight years of age performing the folk harp and Cape Breton (Scottish) Stepdancing in the Celtic music group Distant Oaks, playing alongside acclaimed musicians like fiddler Shira Kammen and viola da gamba player Julie Jeffrey. Over the years he built up his electronic music studio and self-published his own CDs and online albums, doing all recording, mixing, mastering, photography, and graphics design completely by himself.

Beginning in 2010 he began attending Santa Rosa Junior College and studied audio production under Michael Brandeburg. Later on he attended San Francisco State University and studied audio recording and mixing under Dr. John Barsotti and Jeff Jacoby. He graduated summa cum laude (with highest honors) from SFSU in 2017 with a B.A. in Broadcasting & Electronic Communication Arts, with an emphasis in audio production and music recording.

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