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16 Years. 16 Releases.

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Into the Sky: Best of ShaYne (2019)

This is the ultimate collection of ShaYne's music, hand-picked by the artist himself! This album is truly massive, featuring 13 of ShaYne's biggest, punchiest songs, spanning from 2013-2019. Hear ShaYne's unique "progressive wave" style at its finest, a modern take on the classic 1980s new wave/synthpop, carrying it into our modern age for the new generation.

Into the Sky Cover Art

The Fireplace (2015 - Remastered 2018)

Bigger. Deeper. Stormier. 

The ultimate edition of ShaYne's 2015 EP The Fireplace, newly recreated in 2018! Virtually everything has been re-recorded from scratch and remixed in HD 96KHz. The result is an outstanding experience bigger and better than the original.

The Fireplace

#GradTime (2017)

Building on ShaYne’s ambitious 2016 album Broader Range, #GradTime was the next leap forward. Combining the best of analog and software sounds and recording it all at high-definition 96KHz digital audio, this EP experiments with dynamics as well, forcing your ears to pay attention to what’s going on behind the scenes. Some sounds drop by -20 or -30db. Where did those sounds come from? Listen again.


Broader Range (2016)

ShaYne's seventh full-length studio album and his first recorded in 96kHz high-definition audio. Analog synthesizers and effects were blended with newer digital technologies to create the perfect combination of melodies, sequences, and beats that everyone can enjoy. It was also the first to feature synthetic vocals from VSTSpeek and Plogue's Alter-Ego. This album began the transition into the more pop-friendly Cellular Signal style.

Broader Range

On Hood Mountain (2015)

ShaYne's last instrumental-only album, On Hood Mountain explored a variety of styles like Berlin School, Chillout, and Synthwave. Also it was ShaYne's last album recorded at 44.1kHz. It was much less ambitious effort than what came before and after, but still a good listen overall.


Enjoy an upgraded 96kHz version of the title track at SoundCloud.

OHM Cover Art.jpg

Coastal Douglas Fir (2014)

ShaYne's 3rd EP built upon the new ideas and aesthetics introduced with “The Hero.” It contained all his previously explored styles: 80s synthwave, experimental (with some new dubstep thrown in), and progressive house. Featuring a variety of synthesizers with custom sound design, you'll hear sounds on this recording you won't hear anywhere else!

Coastal Douglas fir

The Hero (2013)

This was the "reboot" album that reflected a studio overhaul with a 64-bit computer running Windows 7. Compared to previous albums, every second of each track was meticulously crafted using the latest software and technology. Moods included uplifting pop to ominous ambient to progressive house. This was also ShaYne’s “10th Anniversary” album since his debut album “The Opposite Way” was released on the same date exactly 10 years before.

The Hero

The Painter's Brush (2012)

This was Shayne’s last album from the middle period that had begun with Curve, continuing some of the same ideas but with an emphasis on virtuosic melodies rather than dance sequences. Styles range from trance to chill-out to electro-pop. There are four songs and eight instrumentals with romantic lyrics and breathtaking soundscapes. The final track is clearly the bridge into his next album, The Hero. Be carried away on this musical journey from ShaYne.

The Painter's Brush

Dance Trilogy (2011)

Following on the new EDM sound from Curve came Dance Trilogy. For the first time in Shayne’s music, all the sounds except for the drums were from analog synths, giving a punchy, rich, full character throughout. The tracks were designed to flow into each other so it is highly recommended you stream or download the album as a set, but the individual tracks are available too.

Dance Trilogy

Curve (2010)

Curve was ShaYne’s third album and the only one still under the artist name "Mr. White." Representing an entirely new direction, this release was the first in the middle period of ShaYne’s music and featured vocals for the first time as well as analog synthesizers on every track. It was a marked shift away from the New Age sound of Gem Stars and The Opposite Way and moved into a more trance/house direction.


Pincushion Flower (2010 - Remastered 2013)

Originally released in 2010, remixed and remastered for 2013! Composed in ShaYne's "transition" year from digital to analog instruments, you can hear the progress in sound from beginning to end. This is a concept EP exploring a journey through nature, going through fire, water, air, and earth. Musical elements range from progressive rock to new age to downtempo.

Pincushion Flower

Binary Sea: Land Ho! (2010)

This was the second and final release from Shayne's short-lived duo with his brother Jared. A blend of downtempo/chillout and dance music, tracks 1 & 3 were mainly composed by Shayne and tracks 2 & 4 were mainly Jared. The resulting balance is a delightful experience and perhaps the best from the early period.

Land Ho

Gem Stars (2009)

Delve into a world of luscious soundscapes and dazzling textures. Every track has its own unique story and is designed to take you on a magical journey of electronic synthesizer music, ranging from mellow sleep-inducing space music to fast, danceable beats and driving rhythm. Whether listening in the car on the open road, or with the lights out and headphones on under a snug blanket, this album is sure to delight your senses of hearing and touch.

Gem Stars

Binary Sea: Compass (2008)

Compass was the first of only two releases from the Binary Sea duo, comprised of Shayne and his brother Jared White. It was an ambitious and long-awaited followup to Shayne's debut album five years before. A mix of New Age and electronic dance music, and a few other weird things thrown in, Compass is a pulsating journey into an expansive world of light and dark.


The Opposite Way (2003)

Shayne's debut album! Released when he was only 17 years of age, The Opposite Way was a sort of "variety pack" with styles ranging from electronica to new age to jazz to Celtic and early music. Track 6 even featured acoustic harp and recorder (courtesy of brother Jared), a nod to the family's earlier Celtic albums in Distant Oaks. Though a bit rough in spots, it was still an innovative album that sowed the seeds of what was to come later.


Asphalt Repaved (2019)

A collection of single tracks from 2018-2019 previously only available on SoundCloud, this is ShaYne's first instrumental-only release since 2015! Synthwave and ambient are the dominant styles on this EP, with a bit of progressive house thrown in.

Of special note: Track 4 "Asphalt Repaved" is a re-recorded, high-definition version of "Hot Asphalt Part 1" that appeared on ShaYne's 2010 album Curve. The sound quality improvements are staggering, so check it out!

Asphalt Repaved Artwork.jpg
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