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The First Time

Take it to mind and heart and soul.

One of the premier songs to be included on Cellular Signal's upcoming album Northwest, this is so awesome it's being released as a single ahead of time! Uptempo, heart-pumping, ready to blast. While enjoying a definitively 1980s synthpop vibe, there is so much about this song that is original as well. Enjoy the minimalist, spoken verses with nothing but vintage drum beats and analog OB-6 bass, then swelling up to the full choruses with mesmerizing sequences and syncopated Juno brass chords. Add in haunting Celtic harp and swirling reverb effects on the groovy bridge, and lifting everything back up to the final knock-out chorus. You'll be amazed when you listen to this song "for the first time"!

Available to stream May 5, 2024.

The First Time Artwork.jpg
Jacobs Dream Artwork.jpg

Jacob's Dream

Into Your Heart. Into Your Brain.

Jacob's Dream is one of three singles being released ahead of Cellular Signal's upcoming album Northwest. Solidifying the electro-dreamwave style, Jacob's Dream tells the story of Jacob from the Biblical book of Genesis. On the run after being threatened with murder from his only brother, Jacob became separated from his family and lost in the wilderness with his future wiped out entirely - until a promise came to him in the night from Heaven. Let the tale remind us that sometimes hard times must come before the blessing.

Available to stream May 5th, 2024.

And I Go

Will follow you high and low.

Cellular Signal's first release in three years! Enter a delightful world of groovy synth melodies, punchy beats, and sparkling harp arpeggios. The rich sounds are inspired by the luscious Pacific Northwest. Indeed, the heart of the Emerald City (aka Seattle) is featured on the cover. You're going to love it.

Available now on your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp, and more. Don't subscribe to any streaming services? No problem: it's also on SoundCloud.

And I Go Artwork.jpg


Welcome to the Wishing Well.

MM XX is Cellular Signal's first EP, just released this summer in 2020. While continuing to build on Shayne White's melodic, dynamic  progressive wave style, there are new dimensions and layers of vocal harmonies, evolving and morphing textures, punch-to-your-gut drum beats and more. Shayne has also reintroduced his harp on this release, pairing enchanting arpeggios and glissandos with groovy basses and lush, airy pads that are simply breathtaking. Classic analog stereo delays, choruses, phasers, and other effects are everywhere, along with new custom wavetable digital sounds, making MM XX one of the most exciting electronic releases ever. Find it at all your favorite streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple MusicTidal, BandCamp, and more. Preview a track below!

Please Dont Go Artwork.jpg

Please Don't Go

There's always time to fly.

A companion single being released alongside Cellular Signal's debut EP, MM XX. This includes one of the tracks from the EP plus an extended version. Please Don't Go features a unique blend of groovy, vintage-sounding beats and funky bass mixed with sparkling harp and lush pads. The vocals in the song are entirely processed through Izotope's Vocal Synth 2, giving a slightly robotic yet still human quality. The song has a fun feel and yet the lyrics speak of wistful longing and pain, capturing multiple emotions at once. It's one of the most complex pieces on the EP. The extended mix includes a longer beginning and bridge.

Wonders Of

Haven't you heard the Wonders Of?

Wonders Of is Cellular Signal's debut single. Take a journey back to the ancient world of Babylon, where King Nebuchadnezzar built an enormous golden statue of himself and made everyone who served him worship it. So his advisor Daniel had to come and give him a reality check: that God would remove him from the throne of his empire until he acknowledged that he was not a god and that there was a power higher than himself.

Of course, such a powerful story needs powerful music to match, and Wonders Of is exactly that. The drums, sequences, pads, and effects are massive and dynamic, guiding you through time and space to the hanging gardens where Nebuchadnezzar ruled.

Wonders Of Artwork-4.jpg

Equipment/Plugin List


  • modular synthesizer "The Beast"

  • Dave Smith Instruments: Mopho X4 + Tetra polyphonic synthesizers

  • Roland: Juno-106 & MKS-50 polyphonic synthesizers

  • Oberheim/Sequential: OB-6 Desktop polyphonic synthesizer

  • Boss: DS-1 distortion, BD-2 overdrive, & DM-2w delay effects

  • MXR: Analog Chorus effect

  • Ibanez: AP-7 Phaser effect

  • TC Electronic: Thunderstorm flanger & June-60 chorus effects



  • Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW software

  • Focusrite: Clarett 8PreX Thunderbolt audio interface & Clarett OctoPre preamp

  • Native Instruments: Kontakt, FM8, Form (Reaktor), Battery, Massive X

  • AIR Music Technology: Loom synthesizer

  • AudioRealism: Redominator synthesizer

  • Plogue: Alter-Ego voice synthesizer featuring "Daisy," "Bones," & "Marie Ork"

  • Izotope: VocalSynth 2 & BT's Stutter Edit 2

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