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New video featuring Cellular Signal.

I'm back! After a year of doing nothing except releasing a couple of tracks on SoundCloud, I finally put together a travel vlog video featuring Cellular Signal's music! You should definitely check it out. If you love the beach and/or the woods, you'll get it all. What's better than a Northern California redwood forest? Not much! And you'll get some cool music from Cellular Signal and ShaYne -- including an unreleased track (the first one at the beginning).

So what happened in the last year the caused me to take a break? Namely, the Glass Fire in September 2020. My hometown was hit by yet another wildfire that ravaged the hillsides and torched homes. Some of my favorite parks -- after least what was left after the Nuns Fire in 2017 -- were completely destroyed. It took a huge mental health toll on me, and I had just had to stop all activities (any stressful ones) that didn't involve either work or church.

Glass Fire Smoke
Bay Area Apocalypse Day, September 9, 2020.

Heck. I didn't either bother to post anything on the Cellular Signal blog when I released MM XX. That should tell you something.

I'm doing better now, and I also have other things to start motivating me (can't disclose them now). But I probably won't get back into the full swing of music creating until next year. In the meantime, just have fun watching this video. Hopefully as much fun as I had making it!

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