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2 new singles out now!

The long wait is over (for the moment - more on that below). Since Northwest has been delayed for a longer period of time than I'd anticipated due to multiple winter illnesses, I decided to go ahead and release two of the best songs from the album ahead of time. Jacob's Dream and The First Time are now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon, etc. and available to download from Bandcamp or the iTunes store (yes, it still exists, believe it or not). The First Time is probably my favorite song I've ever produced - when it ends I just want to listen to it all over again! (Although Wishing Well also had that effect on me as well, FYI.)

For a quick future roadmap, I have ONE track left to finish for Northwest, and then the album will be ready. I've already done some work on it, so I anticipate another two months to wrap it up. I'm going to say a tentative July or August release is in store. I can't wait for you to hear it, the album is going to be phenomenal.

Finally, if you live in the Seattle area, I'm joining my friend's band Michigan House for some live indie rock songs we're going to play at The Central Saloon in downtown Seattle on May 11th. Check out this link for more info. I'll be playing my beloved DSI Mopho X4 synth alongside several soft synths running off my laptop. Tickets are cheaper if you purchase ahead of time. Doors open at 7pm, event starts at 8pm.

That's all for now. Go check out the songs, will you? :)

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