Update - 3 Months Later

Hello visitors! I'm sorry to say I've completely neglected this site since I put it up in September. I went on hiatus, enjoying the last bit of dry weather outside before California's wet season sets in (which it just did a week ago). Now that I've been driven indoors at last, I'll have much more to start sharing soon.

Yep, it's the rainy season, and that's my new Mother of All Umbrellas from Nordstrom Rack.

And now...tick tick tick tick tick tick...I'm pleased to announce a new EP! This will the very last "ShaYne" release for the foreseeable future. It's a wrap-up to make a few SoundCloud-only tracks officially available on Spotify, Tidal, etc. It's really good music and some pretty awesome sound production -- if I do say so myself -- and it's the first instrumental-only release since 2015's "On Hood Mountain." It's late at night as I write this so I don't have time to say too much more, but here's some nice splashy cover art for you.

An official page for the EP will be available soon. It should be on Spotify already, but I'm too tired to go dig up the link...😴 so I should have official Everything up on the site by Monday. Along with some more info on the future of Cellular Signal and what I'm working on now. Until then, have a great weekend. -Cellular Signal-

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